Practice Mock Test for MP Police Constable Exam

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The Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) conducts the recruitment exam for Police Constable post in MP Police. Preparing for this exam through mock tests is highly recommended.

We are providing a 25 question mock test to help you evaluate your current preparation level and practice well for the actual exam. This test covers important topics from MP’s history, art/culture, geography, polity, current affairs and general knowledge.

Attempt the test sincerely under timed conditions. Check your score and analyze areas of improvement. Go through the solutions to learn from your mistakes. Identify subjects and topics to focus more on while preparing. Revise using study material and online practice resources.

With regular practice, you will gain the confidence to perform well in the actual MP Police Constable exam. Timely preparation avoids last minute stress. Be motivated and fully dedicate yourself to your exam preparation. Develop problem solving skills and a clear understanding of concepts. Remain updated on current developments.

We wish you the very best! Do let us know if you need any other preparation resources or tips. Our team is happy to assist MPPEB exam aspirants through high-quality study material and mock tests.

MP Police Mock Test Questions

MP Police Exam? Assess Your Readiness with This Mock Test

1) Who is the current Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?


Shivraj Singh Chouhan

2) What is the state flower of Madhya Pradesh?


Madonna lily

3) Where is the Singaji National Park located in MP?


Damoh district

4) Which city of MP is known as the ‘Orange City’?



5) The village Pataalpani near Indore is famous for which waterfall?


Pataalpani Falls

6) Who built the historic Lakshmana Temple in Khajuraho?


Chandela rulers

7) Which freedom fighter from MP is known as the ‘Lokmanya’?



8) Where is India’s largest white marble dam located in MP?


Bargi Dam

9) What is the rank of MP in terms of area in India?


2nd largest state

10) In which year was Madhya Bharat state merged into Madhya Pradesh?



11) Which dance form of MP was awarded GI tag in 2015?


Chhau dance

12) Where is the town of Orchha located in MP?


Tikamgarh district

13) Who wrote the famous poem ‘Himadri Tung Shring Se’?


Makhanlal Chaturvedi

14) Which hill station is located in Pachmarhi range of Satpura mountains?



15) Which folk dance involves colorful masks and costumes?



16) Which city of MP has an airport named after Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar?



17) Where is the tribal museum of MP located?



18) Who built the famous Rajwada palace of Indore?


Maratha Holkars

20) Where is Bagh Print traditional art form practiced in MP?


Bagh town, Dhar district

21) In which year did the Bhopal gas tragedy occur?



22) Which river originates from Amarkantak plateau in MP?



23) Where is the Gommat Giri Jain pilgrimage center located?


Mhow town

24) Who is the author of famous book ‘Chakradhari’?


Vrindavan Lal Verma

25) Which state of India shares the longest boundary with MP?


Uttar Pradesh

Benefits of Attempting Mock Tests for MP Police Exam Preparation

  • Helps understand the actual exam pattern and format
  • Provides opportunity to assess your current preparation level
  • Identifies stronger and weaker areas in your knowledge
  • Improves speed and accuracy with answering questions against time
  • Boosts confidence to perform well in the real exam
  • Reduces exam fear and nervousness through practice
  • Develops effective time management skills
  • Tests ability to comprehend and solve different types of questions
  • Enables review of mistakes and improvement of problem areas
  • Prepares to tackle questions without any external help, like real exam conditions
  • Indicators areas needing more revision and practice
  • Reinforces conceptual clarity and retention of important facts
  • Provides insights on emerging exam trends and frequently asked topics

In summary, attempting mock tests is highly beneficial for exam-oriented preparation and to be competition-ready.


Preparing for competitive recruitment exams like MP Police requires a strategic approach combining conceptual clarity as well as exam-oriented practice. Our mock test compiled relevant questions covering important topics to help assess your knowledge level and practice effectively. Rigorous mock tests will enable you to improve speed, accuracy, time management and problem solving abilities. Keep taking tests periodically to track your progress. Learn from your mistakes by revising concepts thoroughly. With determination and consistent preparation, you can aim to maximize your chances of selection in the MP Police exam. We wish you the very best in your endeavors.

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