30 Important Bihar Daroga Previous Year Questions

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Namaste exam warriors! The Bihar Daroga exam conducted by BPSSC is one of the most prestigious exams to become a Sub-Inspector in Bihar Police. With lakhs of students appearing every year, the competition level is very high.

Previous year question papers prove to be an invaluable resource for aspirants to prepare effectively for this exam. In this article, we bring you 30 important questions from previous year papers of Bihar Daroga exam. Solving these will definitely help boost your preparation.

Why Previous Year Questions are Important?

Practicing with previous year questions has many advantages:

  • It makes you familiar with the exam pattern and types of questions.
  • You get to know the important topics and expected difficulty level.
  • It helps improve your speed and accuracy in solving questions.
  • You can learn from your mistakes by revising the solutions.
  • It builds your confidence to face the actual exam.

Now let’s look at some important questions from the past years’ papers:

30 Important Bihar Daroga Previous Year Questions

Previous Year Questions on General Knowledge

  1. Who was the first woman Governor of an Indian state?
  • Sarojini Naidu
  1. Which fundamental right provides for abolition of untouchability?
  • Right to Equality
  1. The world’s largest museum is located in which city?
  • Paris

Previous Year Questions on General Hindi

  1. समानार्थक शब्द चुनिए: प्रवचन
  • भाषण
  1. विलोम शब्द चुनिए: दिन
  • रात
  1. संधि विच्छेद कीजिए: राष्ट्रभाषा
  • राष्ट्र + भाषा

Previous Year Questions on Mathematics

  1. The HCF of two numbers is 23 and LCM is 276. If one number is 161, what is the other number?
  • 69
  1. In ΔXYZ, XY = 4√3 cm, YZ = 8 cm, ZX = 6 cm, then XYZ is a/an:
  • Right angled triangle
  1. If secθ = 5/3, then the value of tanθ is:
  • 4/3

Previous Year Questions on Mental Ability

  1. Which number replaces the question mark in the series – 121, 144, ?, 236, 289?
    • 169
  2. If LAWYER is coded as 526385 and POLICE is coded as 967413 then how will SOCIAL be coded?
    • 194173
  3. Find the missing number:
2, 5, 10, 17, 26, ?
  • 37

Previous Year Questions on General Science

  1. Who discovered penicillin?
    • Alexander Fleming
  2. What is the unit of electrical resistance?
  • Ohm
  1. Who invented the television?
  • John Logie Baird

Strategies to Answer These Questions

Here are some tips to answer previous year questions correctly:

Understand the Exam Pattern

Analyze the types, difficulty level, weightage and patterns of questions asked. This will help you know how to approach them.

Practice and Revision

Practice as many questions as possible. Revising solutions is equally important to recall concepts and learn from mistakes.

Focus on Speed and Accuracy

Improving speed and accuracy is vital especially for objective-type papers. Practice solving questions within stipulated time.

Work on Your Weak Areas

Identify weak topics/subjects through previous papers and devote more efforts to improve them.

I hope these questions and strategies gave you a glimpse into the importance of previous year papers for Bihar Daroga exam. Consistent practice with a focused approach is the key to crack this exam.

Best of luck!


Previous year question papers open the door towards effective exam preparation and strategic thinking. Know the exam inside out and polish your skills by practicing a variety of MCQs. You can analyze these 30 questions to get an idea of the exam pattern, important topics, level of difficulty and more aspects. Prepare smartly using previous papers as that can be a game changer in this competitive exam.

Believe in yourself and keep working hard. You have it in you to clear this exam with flying colors. Wishing you the very best!

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