25 Important SSC GD Previous Year Questions of all Subject

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Namaste exam warriors! SSC GD constable exam is one of the most popular government job exams taken by lakhs of aspirants across India. Solving previous year question papers should undoubtedly be an integral part of your preparation strategy.

In this article, we bring you 25 important MCQs from previous years’ SSC GD papers across all subjects – General Intelligence, General Knowledge, General Science, Mathematics and English Language. Gear up your preparation with these handpicked questions!

Importance of Solving SSC GD Previous Year Questions

Here are some key benefits of practicing previous year questions for SSC GD exam:

  • Get familiar with the actual exam question paper pattern and topics.
  • Understand the difficulty level of questions asked in the exam.
  • Improve speed and accuracy in solving MCQs.
  • Self-evaluate your preparation level by testing your knowledge.
  • Strengthen concepts and working knowledge of important topics.
  • Boost confidence to face the actual exam.

Now let’s look at the key MCQs from past years’ papers subject-wise:

25 Important MCQs from Previous Years’ Papers

General Intelligence Questions

Q1. Which number should replace the question mark in the series?

5, 10, 17, 26, 37, ?

  • 50

Q2. Which letter cluster will replace the question mark?


  • TNGH

Q3. If MENTAL is coded as LIRUZG, how will BRAVE be coded?


Q4. Select the option in which the given figure is embedded.

  • Option 4

Q5. Which answer figure will complete the pattern?

  • Option 1

General Knowledge Questions

Q6. Who was the first woman governor of an Indian state?

  • Sarojini Naidu

Q7. National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd (NAFED) trades which of these products?

  • Onion

Q8. Where is the headquarters of International Court of Justice located?

  • The Hague, Netherlands

Q9. Who invented electric bulb?

  • Thomas Alva Edison

Q10. Who is the author of the epic ‘Silappatikaram’?

  • Ilango Adigal

General Science Questions

Q11. Who discovered the bacterium that causes Anthrax?

  • Robert Koch

Q12. Turmeric is obtained from which part of the plant?

  • Rhizome

Q13. What is the SI unit of resistance?

  • Ohm

Q14. Who proposed the chemical evolution theory of origin of life?

  • Alexander Oparin

Q15. Which vitamin is essential for blood clotting?

  • Vitamin K

Mathematics Questions

Q16. What is the next number in the series 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, ?

  • 21

Q17. The average of 20 numbers is 15. What is the average of first 18 numbers if the sum of last two numbers is 27?

  • 14

Q18. The ratio of ages of Rahul and Rhea is 5:7. After 5 years the ratio becomes 3:4. What is Rhea’s present age in years?

  • 28

Q19. The HCF of two numbers is 23. If one number is 161, what is the other number?

  • 69

Q20. √1296 + √256 – √64 = ?

  • 36

English Language Questions

Q21. Choose the antonym of ‘TRIVIAL’:

  • Important

Q22. Select the correctly spelt word:

  • Occurrence

Q23. Choose the option with the correct active form of the given sentence:

The horse was being ridden by the jockey.

  • The jockey was riding the horse.

Q24. Fill in the blank with the appropriate word:

I __ rather stay at home than go to the party.

  • would

Q25. Identify the correct sentence:

  • She sings beautifully.

I hope these previous year questions across diverse subjects gave you valuable insights into the SSC GD exam pattern. Let’s look at a few tips now to solve past papers effectively.

Tips to Solve Previous Year Questions Effectively

Analyze the Exam Pattern

Check the number of questions from each subject, difficulty level, topics covered etc. to understand the complete exam structure.

Identify Important Topics

Find out the topics and concepts that repeatedly occur in previous papers. Give them more attention.

Work on Speed and Accuracy

Practice solving questions within stipulated time to improve your speed and accuracy simultaneously.

Practice in Mock Test Conditions

Attempting papers in a simulated environment, with all rules followed, will ensure better performance in actual exam.

Focus on Weaker Areas

Analyze the questions that you couldn’t solve or wrongly answered to know your weak areas. Spend more time improving them.

I hope these previous year questions and solving tips help you get a step closer to your dream SSC GD job. Consistent practice with self-analysis and an organized approach is key to excel in this exam.

Best of luck!


Solving previous years’ papers helps assess your true preparation level and gradually builds your confidence to tackle the actual exam effectively. These 25 MCQs cover important topics across all SSC GD subjects. Practice in simulated conditions, self-evaluate your performance, identify weak areas and work upon them consistently. A strategic approach coupled with hard work is your pathway to success in this competitive exam.

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