25 Important English Language Bihar Daroga Previous Year Questions

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Namaste exam warriors! Proficiency in English language is indispensable to crack the Bihar Daroga exam conducted by BPSSC.

The recruitment process tests your English language skills through a descriptive paper in the mains exam. Solving previous years’ questions will help you understand the types of questions asked, topics covered, difficulty level and exam pattern.

In this article, we share 25 important MCQs from previous years’ English language papers. Practicing these questions will definitely boost your preparation!

Importance of English Language for Bihar Daroga Exam

  • The English language paper carries high weightage in the mains written exam.
  • Questions test reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Strong command over English language is required for the interview round.
  • Improves ability to communicate clearly during training and job.

Now let’s look at key English language MCQs asked over the years:

25 Important English MCQs from Previous Papers

Reading Comprehension Passages

Q1. India has significantly improved its position from 142 in 2014 to 63 in 2019 on the Network Readiness Index (NRI) prepared by _

  • World Economic Forum

Q2. The passage discusses the role of _ in promoting entrepreneurship.

  • Educational institutes

Q3. The core idea of the passage is that:

  • Entrepreneurial skills need to be developed from an early age.

Q4. The passage states that an entrepreneur requires a mix of technical and _ skills.

  • Managerial

Q5. The tone of the passage can be best described as:

  • Informative

Vocabulary Based Questions

Q6. Choose the antonym of ABOUND:

  • Lack

Q7. Choose the synonym of THRIVING:

  • Flourishing

Q8. Choose the correct meaning of ANIMOSITY:

  • Hostility

Q9. Find the correctly spelt word:

  • Occurrence

Q10. Give the antonym of AMELIORATE:

  • Worsen

Grammar Based Questions

Q11. Identify the correct sentence:

  • She gave an interesting lecture at the symposium.

Q12. Choose the correct passive form of the sentence:

  • The agreement was signed by the company directors.

Q13. Fill in the blank with the correct tense form:

  • When I reached the station, the train __. (leave)
  • had left

Q14. Identify the correct sentence:

  • Neither Peter nor his friends were there.

Q15. Fill in the blank with the right article:

  • He is __ honest man. (a/an)

Error Spotting Questions

Q16. Identify the error in the sentence:

  • The child fell asleep because it was tires.
  • No error

Q17. Spot the error in the sentence:

  • I enjoyed during my holiday in Goa.
  • during

Q18. Find the error in the sentence:

  • The boy was angry upon the shopkeeper.
  • upon

Q19. Identify the error in the sentence:

  • He is having two daughters and one son.
  • having

Q20. Spot the error in the sentence:

  • My friend invited me for the party.
  • No error

Phrase Replacement Questions

Q21. Replace the phrase “as a whole” with a suitable phrase:

  • On the whole

Q22. Replace the underlined phrase appropriately:

He succeeded because of his strong determination.

  • due to

Q23. Choose the most appropriate phrase to replace the underlined part:

The project was postponed in spite of several hurdles.

  • although

Q24. Replace the italicized phrase correctly:

He helped me when required.

  • when need arose

Q25. Choose the correct phrase to replace the underlined part:

I could not attend the seminar as I had an urgent meeting.

  • owing to

Practicing these previous year questions will give you better clarity on the types of English language questions asked in Bihar Daroga exam.

Let us now look at some tips to further enhance your English language skills.

Tips to Improve English Language Skills

Read Books, Newspapers, Magazines

Develop the habit of reading English books, newspapers, articles to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Improve Vocabulary and Grammar

Learn at least 5 new words daily. Strengthen grammar concepts like tenses, clauses, reported speech.

Practice Previous Papers

Solving previous years’ papers help assess your exact preparation level. Identify weaker areas to improve.

Give Mock Tests

Attempting mock tests in a simulated environment will improve your speed, accuracy and time management.

Improve Reading Speed

Practice reading comprehension passages within stipulated time to increase reading speed.

I hope these MCQs and tips will take your Bihar Daroga preparation to a higher level. Remember, regular reading and practice are the best ways to master English language skills. Consistent efforts with the right strategy will definitely lead to success.

Best wishes for your exam!


Strong English language skills are imperative to clear the Bihar Daroga exam. These 25 MCQs compiled from previous years’ papers provide valuable insights into the types of questions asked. Practice reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, error spotting and phrase replacement questions. Read extensively, take mock tests and keep polishing your English command. A diligent approach and self-belief will empower you to excel in the exam. Keep working hard with determination to inch closer to your goal.

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